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Mechanical Insulation Services

Thermal Maintenance can assist you in finding the right insulation solution for any environment.  Our products and services provide energy savings, enhanced system performance and help keep people safe with the reduction of noise levels and greenhouse gas emissions.  We can provide you with a mechanical insulation solution that will start paying for itself in energy cost savings today.   

Pipe Insulation

Our pipe insulation products deliver energy saving thermal performance and low thermal conductivity to lower building energy costs while providing specific control of processing temperatures.  This helps maintain surface temperature to promote a safe working environment for employees. 

Duct Insulation

Our duct insulation products deliver energy conservation, noise control and indoor air quality that creates a comfortable work environment for employees. 

Equipment Insulation

Our equipment insulation products reduce heat loss or gain, protect personnel, provide process control, reduce condensation, protect against corrosion and fire, and decrease noise and vibration from equipment.

Insulation Maintenance & Repair

Regular and proper maintenance of insulation products is important and can save your company money in the long run by identifying substantial energy loss, corrosion, safety issues, mold growth and property damage in a timely manner.

Insulation Energy Consulting

Energy consulting can offer insight into the potential waste from mechanical systems and insulation in a facility.  Thermal Maintenance will come to your facility, conduct a walk through and discuss ways in which insulation can benefit your particular facility and reduce your total energy usage. 

Thermal Maintenance

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Thermal Maintenance has over 45 years of experience designing and installing mechanical insulation solutions.  We take pride in the fact that our services provide energy cost savings, enhanced system performance and safety of employees in industrial and commercial facilities.

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Insight on improving energy efficiency, enhancing the quality of the work environment while reducing costs.

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